Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TTAM #3 – The Post-Halloween Post

I can’t really call this a Wordless Wednesday post ‘cause I’m feeling to word-full.  It sort of fits in with the Things That Amuse Me theme as happy, sugar-filled kids are forever amusing, even if that is a stretch.  Anyway…

halloween 2010 004

So it was a great Halloween weekend here in chilly Ottawa.  All things Halloween were on for three nights in a row.  (Now I’m in a great post-chaos sugar-low crash reaching for yet another java.) 

halloween 2010 013

On the Friday, the school hosts a family Halloween dance.  Wouldn’t you know it, our DD, the lucky devil, won a prize yet again– a giant spider spinning his web around a bowl of candy.    She’s happy and I have one more Halloween decoration for next year.




halloween 2010 pt 1 004

On the Saturday we went to the National Arts Centre, “Trick Or Treat to a Wicked Beat” family concert.  This concert series is wonderful for everyone in the family for music appreciation and live orchestra fun.  Cool to see and hear “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” while dressed up in costume.  (Laura was a princess and Owen was a proud Ottawa Senator, delightfully coordinated in red.) Then it was off to a surprise birthday/Halloween family party.  A good feast and fun for the gang.



halloween 2010 pt 1 011

Sunday was the much anticipated Trick or  Treat day!  Not anticipated was the great layer of snow on the ground!  That just added to the kids happiness.  Snow shovelling and playing in October.  They were highly bundled and eager trick or treaters with too-cool-to-bundle–up-icicle-dad.

halloween 2010 010

I found other things to amuse me -  pumpkin ale and way too much candy.  Traditions are good, even for grown-ups.


  1. It seems like everyone loved the Trick or Treat concet. I will have to go next year!

  2. Can Laura come with me to pick lottery numbers?

  3. We were at the NAC concert too, like everyone else, it seems. I should have blogged about it in advance so we could have had a meetup!