Thursday, November 18, 2010

#18 – Something to Wine About

I like wine.  Bacchus has got to be one of my favourite Roman deities.  The guy had his priorities right and the Romans had the good sense to devote a whole god to wine.  It’s pretty amazing that your humble grape, with a little of this and that, can produce such a wide array of wonderful beverages.  But this post is more about the packaging – I love the creative labels!

We used to live within an easy drive to Niagara wine country.  Our LCBO store does carry a fair selection but it is the smaller wineries, such as those you get in wine country, that tend to produce the most interesting vintages and labels to match.  wine - guilty menOf course, a trek around the world in the wine store will yield some great choices from everywhere.  Here’s a wee selection of amusing labels and wines.

We like this one produced by Malivoire Estates – Guilty Men .  (There’s this little ladybug that runs through their line.  I hope the wine colouring doesn’t come from the little fellow!)


wine - goats

A South African Favourite, Goats do Roam : A nice red, apparently inspired by wanderlust goats, but not to be confused with the wines of the Côtes du Rhône wine region.


 Wine - oops

(oops) sounds quite promising.  I haven’t tried this Chilean one but I really must find it.  The “oops” part is described as “the lost grapes of Bordeaux masquerading as Merlot.” 





Wine - Time out


Mommy’s Time Out looks interesting.  This Italian wine might make a great gift for a new parent, don’t you think?


Wine - CoopersFat



Those quirky New Zealanders have a way with labels.  The Coopers Creek line including Fat Cat, Cat Pee on a Gooseberry Bush and Sally Cat are a delight to give and receive. 


With labels like these, does it really matter what the wine is like?



  1. I love the Goats Do Roam label too, and often buy it even though I'm only ho-hum on the taste - it fits in with my farm (I don't have goats, but my sheep LOOK like goats). There's so many of these I haven't seen - Hmm! Must go on a road trip. Always liked Fat Bastard Shiraz too.

  2. Funny labels are all well and good, but does it matter what the wine is like? Hell yeah.

  3. For years I've made a point of bringing a bottle of Casillero del Diablo wine to any family event associated with a religious holiday, like Christmas or Easter. I believe the name of the winery means cellar of the devil. I'm a brat like that.

    I also rather like Fat Bastard shiraz, which is another wine with a fun name.

    I'd have to agree with Bibliomama,'s still gotta be good, no matter what the bottle looks like.

  4. Oh wine! We had a pretty disastrous break up some years ago. It was not pretty and nothing to be proud of. Luckily I had my best friend ever there to pour me into bed at the end of the night. We've just recently started seeing each other again, but it's touch and go. I wish I could sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine with friends or dinner.