Monday, November 1, 2010

TTAM #1 – It Begins

Welcome to November!  To me, this month is the worst.  Lots of sh!t has happened to me in Novembers past and I generally like to burrow and eat lots of chocolate to console myself.  On top of the difficult memories, I get cold rainy weather and my family tends to come down with a virus from hell.  But before I go into hiding, I thought I’d try something new.  Living up to my blog name, I’m doing a series called “Things That Amuse Me “ – TTAM. 

Yep,I guess I am looking to find some happy yang to the crappy yin in this “No” month.  Each day I will post something that easily amuses me in my Pam-land.  Feel free to let me know what has amused you today.  I desperately need distractions and would love to hear about it.

#1 – Blog-hopping.  Is that the right term?  I LOVE checking out blogs of all sorts and occasionally I find one that makes me laugh so hard that I have to dash to the bathroom.  Like this one from 1000 Awesome Things or this one from Bibliomama or this one from Schmutzie.  There are so many more. Do let me know some of your favourite go-to ones for amusement.  I’d love to hop over to them. 


  1. cake wrecks always manages to make me smile. and passive aggressive notes. bibliomama's post makes me laugh until i pee too!

  2. Ah, making people pee -- now that's a compliment. Now I have to go see the other posts, and which one of mine was so funny. I wonder if I'll amuse myself. Probably -- generally I kill me.