Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Sweater

I woke to freezing rain and snow.  When the wind kicks up, the flakes fly horizontal and I shiver.  Time for comfort, time for the sweater. 

sweater 001

Here she is – a beauty, don’t you think?  I’ve had this garment for maybe 20 years now.  The black blend of merino wool and nylon have warmed me through Christmas exams, sleepless nights, power outages and drafts of our first apartment.  It has travelled to cottages, in-law homes, hospitals and road trips.  The age shows.  She is dated, pilled and a bit frayed with a touch of cat shed fur on the sleeves.  This sweater stays in the house, perfect for screen-time and not the big-screen.  She has seen better days.

Still, she is my go-to sweater when I’m in need of warmth, both physical and emotional.  A virtual hug when I’m ill or when my husband is away.  She doesn’t complain for she has stood the test of time.   sweater 004

On our trip to Scotland, I found a new sweater.  It is a lovely cashmere one, cozy with silver buttons.  A little  more upscale, it is the sort of cardigan that I could wear out in public.  The wool is smooth and new, the colour even and all the buttons are in place.  It also has warmth. 

We are getting to know each other.  I don’t wear it as often and my favourite one, saving it for the outings, not wanting to give it too much wear and tear yet.  There is plenty of potential, like starting a new book in the series.  I reached for it for an evening at home the other night and it felt right. 

There will be no replacing my old friend, but it is nice to know that new ones can work their ways into your lives and fit right in.  Welcome.

PS – On a side note, for some reason I am thinking of this version of “The Sweater” which made me laugh my way through high school.


  1. oh my thanks for linking to that song! What memories it brings back. I don't have a sweater but I still have the hat I wore on our trip to Boston many many years ago. I laugh when I see pics of me wearing it but I still pull it out and wear it around the house at times.

  2. i love a good sweater. for me it's an old fleece thing. i was just out looking for some "work" sweaters. still no luck. sigh.

  3. When the temperatures dip and the cold seems to get into your very bones, a comforting sweater is just the thing. Our house is big and old and a leetle drafty at times, and even with the fire cranked, I will wear a sweater and a woolen plaid I keep to wrap myself in when I am reading. Feels so cosy.

  4. I'm almost never cold enough for sweaters. Socks, on the other hand...