Friday, November 21, 2014

November does not suck today

Usually I have a difficult dysfunctional time with November. It is my least favourite month for too many reasons.  However, here I sit with a smile on my face, realizing that I am actually enjoying my day.

Why today does NOT suck, top 10:

10 - I have coffee.  It is the good kind that I brewed a big full pot at home and served it in a big mug, alongside some chocolate.  No day sucks completely when there is coffee and chocolate.

9 - Laura is playing with a friend right now and I am thrilled that they are acting young for their age, imaginations gone wild with dolls and stuffies getting into mischief.  I am loving every moment of this.

8 - It is a school PD day so no rushing around and lots of leisure time for play, lunch, reading, iPading and everything.  So peaceful.

7 - My cat is being cute.

Apparently the dryer rocks right now. It's good to be a cat.

6 - Owen is super-happy that it is Nintendo Day .  He saved up and got a WiiU game he wanted and is over the moon with gaming bliss.  His good mood is contagious.

5 - My grocery store had everything I wanted on sale.  Even pie!

They call this a "pie slice".  I clearly have been cutting my pies wrong all this time. I think I will go back and get a couple more "slices" to go with the coffee... and some antacid for afterward.

4 - There is more brightness everywhere with a few inches of fresh, white snow on the ground.  Grey, rainy November weather sucks the life out of me so I like a bit of snow.

3 - I do not live in Buffalo. 

Poor Upstate New York.  This is not a happy little bit of snow.

2 - November is more than 2/3 done!  I don't like wishing away the time but thanks to some work and some fun distractions, the days are passing quickly.  Christmas-a-rama has hit the stores and I kinda like it.  Early start on Christmas treats and beverages is also helping.  Cheers!

1 - I am grateful for the kindness of friends, family and the odd odd stranger.  Thanks to gym/therapy with Allison, coffee mornings with my husband, silly lunches with my sister and more humourous chatter with my mom, time with friends around a kitchen table with wine flowing freely, cashiers who get my sarcasm and so many other connections this month, I have been recharged.  I  love all the ways these people 'get' me, take me as I am and bring out my best.  I am thankful.