Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkins

I helped manage the annual Celebrity Pumpkin Carving Auction Fundraiser for Children At Risk this past weekend.  Tons of work and plenty of creativity went into these gourds of art.  Here are some of my faves.  The event raised about $10 000 for the charity.  Awesome.

SpartyCat - brought by Sparty himself

I feel like I'm being watched...

Love this witchy one

Angry Birds!  with Hamish, the Scot in the back.

Apple pumpkin. 

Cinderella Pumpkin

The pumpkin that scared herself white.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Leap!

Trying to focus on other things today so thought I'd share some of our photos from the gorgeous Thanksgiving weekend.  Much to be thankful for today.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's the first word I am attempting to put on this shocking sadness that is washing over me.  Difficult to process, difficult times ahead. 

I have just heard that Owen's Akala (head Cub leader) passed away suddenly over the weekend from a heart attack.  I don't think she was even 40 yet.  She will be deeply missed by all who knew her in her involved life.

So now I am going through the difficult task of finding the words and ways of explaining the loss of someone he knew well to our boy.  We have been lucky so far at not losing a family member so haven't had to delve too deeply into death discussions.  I guess part of being a parent, an adult, is that you take on the difficult, even when you don't want to, because you have to do it. 

The words will come, the emotions too, and we will get through.  Keeping Robin's family in our thoughts and prayers tonight.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cookie Fortune

Forever looking for lunchbox content, I have been known to browse Bulk Barn hoping for inspiration for what seems like hours.  No nuts, no sesame, no shellfish (though I have only considered sending lobster while listening to sea shanties on an over-tired weeknight.).  Part of me thinks that there will be a flashing light over the ultimate snack in the barn-of-too-many-choices.  Something that both kids will like and will bring them energy & brilliant thoughts during the day.  A mom can dream.  Yet this week I seem to have come quite close to that perfect pick.

There, in the third aislewithout a flashing light, was the bulk fortune cookie bin.  Food and entertainment rolled into one.  Scooping up a bag full to go with my beloved chocolate covered pretzels (not suitable for children, I say), I head home to pack something new in the lunch. 

Lunch was a happy occasion for both.  The results could not be more accurate for my two kids:

Laura's reads "You are strongly tuned in to those around you."  Yep, that's my girl!  Her Brownie leader commented on her amazing help the past few weeks with the younger, shy girls.  She gladly leaps in to make things right for others.  Those words would not ring true for Owen, but these do: "Others are deeply moved by your presence."  OK, maybe that is going a wee bit too far, but when that puppy gets his passion going, look out!  I am tremendously moved when he does something I never think he's capable of doing like riding his bike or coping through a difficult time. 

Flashing light or not, that bin was a just what I needed that day.  Stay tuned for some future post about me making the ultimate fortune cookie from scratch with witty fortunes inside.  Um, well, that may take a while.