Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This time it is meant quite literally. I've had a stupid head cold for the better part of a week and seem to have blown away my sense of smell. I can't smell a thing. I have experienced this before and I know it will return. Meanwhile I amuse myself reflecting on how my perceptions change without my sniffer functioning. 

I forget how much we rely on the nose working in the background to guide us in the everyday. I can usually tell when dinner is ready or coffee is brewed by the smell. I have to be aware of lighting a candle as I won't have the smokey, waxy smell to remind me to blow it out. Bagels toasting for too long are not noticed and rescued. Is my deodorant working? How bad is my breath? I have no idea, except if people start backing away.

It does have it's advantages. Garbage duty? Bring it on!  Pick me to chop onions or walk through the perfume department without a care in the world.  Hmmm, small comfort really.  I'd rather have the smell most of the time.

Taste has changed too. Aside from the tongue basic senses (sweet, salty, bitter and sour for your science class review), everything tastes much the same. I compliment meals by remarking on the amazing texture. Fine wine subtleties are lost on me so pass the Baby Duck.  No, please don't.  I do have to draw the line somewhere!

I'll be glad to have the sense back to normal.  It's like a dimension in my experiences is missing.  Sometimes we have to lose what we take for granted to recognize how important it is to us.  Perhaps I will splurge on the lotion tissues for the noble nose to show my appreciation.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Time capsule on wheels

It pays to clean out the car. $4.78 to be exact, and the big score - a $20 bill! Now how did I lose that? It probably happened sometime between rushing from the grocery store and picking the kids from school one typical day.

The car is being cleared out of all its treasures because we are trading it in today for a new one. I've had my trusty red Vibe for almost a decade now, driving 190 000 km of local errands and family trips. Along with those adventures comes some of the stuff that gets crammed between the seats or tucked into seat pockets.

Blury picture of car crap

Owen was 5 and Laura was 3 when we got this car. It has seen us through playdates, grandparent visits, cousin farm trips and camping adventures. There have been blizzard rides with windshield wipers batting the snow away as I crept through the drifts as well as make-shift umbrellas under the hatch after a soggy soccer game. Cooling off in it after trips to the beach under the blasting air conditioner vents has helped soothe cranky kids on a July day.

The stash is like a moving time capsule, a memory box of moments in time that this car has seen with us in it. Old maps, seaglass, shells and Solarcaine remind me of our road trip to PEI a few summers ago. Kids music CDs, melted crayons and McDonald's toys tell tales about long rides to visit family and friends. Now why is there a Bismuth pack there? Oh yes... I may have been possibly hung over a bit after a weekend with friends. Brochures and schedules to kid events as I was taxi-mom around town. All pieces of my time with the kids as they grew from toddlers to today.

Zee Vibe in her natural winter habitat

Sure she has her bumps and scratches from her adventures but 'Vibey' never let us down. There have been so many smiles over the miles and endless love in those car seats. May our next car be half as amazing.