Sunday, November 21, 2010

#21 - My Bloggy Milestone

I almost didn't write my NaBloPoMo blog entry of the the day today. (I've been on the road, no computer, more tired than the mom of a newborn, etc.). But then I realized it was my 100th Easily Amused Blog Post today! Whoop, Whoop! How does one mark the occasion? Is chocolate involved? I should hope so. Also, I can write anything and it still counts. (Not that anyone is listening anyway, but I write for my own amusement, except when I need attention Did I mention I was really tired and prone to blithering?)

So happy 100th me! Today's random question is why do you blog? Has the reason changed over the course of your blog history? Regardless, I'm glad you do share your stuff on the blogosphere. I love reading all the great blogs out there.

Less blithery thoughts will return tomorrow, after a wee bit of shut-eye.


  1. Happy 100th!

    I used to blog so I could keep my family and friends up to date on what the children were doing. Now, I blog for one make my Mum laugh!

  2. Yeah Pam! That's awesome that you've hit 100 in such a short time. It took me forever to get up to 100. Actually, I think I might have missed my blogging anniversary. Thanks for the reminder. There's my post for today!

    happy travels.

  3. Happy anniversary! That's impressive blogging, lady.

    I don't know why I blog. I've been asking myself that a lot lately. Hm.