Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#17 – Holiday Baking Attempts

‘Tis the season!  In my mind, I am a great baker.  I love to wander through Bulk Barn, grabbing a little of this, a scoop of that for my wonderful baking endeavours.  It never quite works out that way.  That’s alright.  In this business, the mistakes pay you.  There is no way I could give away botched macaroons or headless Santa cookies.  I’ll just take care of that myself. 

So today, inspired by one of the many magazines I picked up showcasing the awesome perfect holiday treats you can whip up, I was in the mood to bake.  Gingerbread Scones.  Yum!  This recipe comes from the Better Homes and Gardens (neither of which I have) Food Gifts issue.  And guess what?!  It worked!  Ta da!

gingerbread scones 004I did a little spice glaze for the top and I managed to stuff these little ginger suns into a container before I ate them all.  The house smells Christmas perfect and I have the sink full of dishes to prove that I did it myself.

Not all holiday baking has turned out so well.  There was that year I participated in a Christmas cookie exchange.  There were ten dozen perfectly prepared delicate snowflake cookies made, taking about ten dozen hours to complete.  They were beautiful, all wrapped up in boxes with lovely ribbons, perched on the edge of the table to take to the exchange party the next day.  And then my dear little boy, then three or so, ran by and knocked all the boxes on the floor.  *Crash!*  I wept and my husband had to console both his wife and confused son.  Cookies were remade into the wee hours.  It wasn’t so magical anymore.

Happy baking!  May it be fun, stress-less and accident free. 


  1. Those look great! Much better than anything I could do...but now I feel compelled to try!

  2. They were as good as they look -- thank-you so much. Eve loved them and they made a dreary rainy coughy day much brighter. (we're going to my real doctor at 4:10)

  3. Mmm I will have to give those a try. They look delish! And I have spent many a wee hour baking, usually because I've over promised myself or because of some other baking disaster... cakes that unmold in pieces and that kind of thing.