Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TTAM #10 - Ikea

It’s dangerous to go into Ikea without a list and armed with a camera.  There really is so much to entertain me there!

ikea 002

What could be more fun than wandering around like a rat in a maze to find the one thing you thought was worth the trip to the store.   Set aside at least an hour to get it.  You may want to bring a GPS and good walking shoes. 





ikea 001


First stop – the restaurant.  I walk half a kilometre to the oasis of Swedish food.  But it is well worth the journey!  Coffee, spinach & cheese crepes and salad for less than $5! Fully fuelled, I have to walk the half km back to grab a cart.


ikea 007

Easy entertainment for the kids – tiny pencils, paper with a map and lots of paper measuring tapes.  Woo hoo!  Today I am travelling solo but when I do drag my kids with me, this kid-ertainment is mandatory.  I get them to measure things, measure each other, draw pictures, tie each other up, etc.  Fun for the whole family.



ikea 003


One of the best things about Ikea is the naming of the stuff.  Is this a lamp?  No, it’s NOT.



ikea 004





I would drink anything out of GODIS glasses.  Do you think they have transformative powers?



ikea 005

I’m sure there is nothing wrong with playing with puppets when your kids are not with you, right?  One-eyed Murray the Moose agrees. 





ikea 008



My shopping cart.  Really?  I’m sure I just came in for some glasses or something.  Now I know what I’ll be doing with myself this weekend.  Those Screwdrivers in GODIS glasses will help soothe me as I curse the construction of yet another BILLY.  



A solo trip to Ikea – great for amusement, dreadful for the wallet.


  1. if only i could get the jellybean to walk past the germ infested pit of balls without seeing or wanting to go into it. then the trip would be perfect.

  2. One can always use another bookshelf.

    The NOT lamp totally made me laugh.

  3. Oh yeah, me too -- if you substitute 'terrified' for 'amused'. Clearly I can't go to Ikea without you.