Monday, November 15, 2010

#15 - Podcasts

I love my iPod. Long walks, drives and sleepless nights are no longer dull with this baby stuck in my ears. Not only can it house a gazillion songs from my eclectic music tastes, but I can play a few games and listen to the radio too. Also, I am definitely in love with the Podcast feature. I just browse around and load up a few stories here, a radio program there and some comedy to cheer me up. All this happiness for free. What more could you want?

Here are a few of my current faves.;

CBC stuff - From Vinyl Cafe to Q, Ideas to Laugh Out Loud, the CBC has a whack of great Canadian programs to download, entertain and make you sound smart too.

Stuff You Should Know - Do you ever wonder if tone deafness is hereditary? Well I don't, because I already heard the podcast and know the answer. A light and fun approach to life's answers.

KCRW and NPR podcasts - Everything from alternative music to architecture. This is a good link for so good shows from the States.

Are there any podcast you subscribe to? Do share, I'm always looking for new things.


  1. We love CBC Podcasts too -especially my husband who works at 5 every morning. He says the Vinyl Cafe and Quirks and Quarks keeps him going.

    Your comment on Riding in a Handbasket led me here - nice to meet a fellow NaBloPoMo-er.(yes, I had to add one extra syllable to that already unwieldy name).

  2. thanks for these. i am starting to do an early morning walk which i find incredibly boring. maybe a podcast or two will make it more interesting! the hubby has a huge long list of the ones he listens to. mainly sports related. yawn.