Monday, November 8, 2010

TTAM #8 - Cats

Molly yawn Yep, I’m a cat person.  Actually I love all sorts of animals (except snakes) but I could only live with cats.  I love their independence and cute little paws.   

Our first cat was Jasmine – a sweet lap-cat who played a big part in helping us heal at a very difficult time.  Unfortunately she passed away too early a couple of years ago this week.  (Yet another reason I generally hate Novembers.) 

Our latest cat is Molly, adopted a little over a year ago and she has twitched her way into our heart.  We are amused by her daily in her kittenish ways and floppy affection.  Here are the gratuitous cat shots for today’s entry.

 Molly LCBOMolly stairs

And I still giggle over the video that Bibliomama pointed out a few weeks ago with the cat and the printer.  I definitely need more human contact.

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  1. Noooooo! You're making me want to get another kitty. Hard enough that the kids are constantly asking for one.

    One of these days...just not yet.