Friday, November 12, 2010

TTAM #12 – TV Top 10

I am not exactly a night person.  After the mini-mes have been tucked in, I find gravity has a great way of pulling me to the couch, remote in hand and ultra-healthy chocolate snack nearby.  (I’m sure it is purely coincidental that my mid-girth pudge level thickens as the new TV season begins.)  And what draws me in?  Here’s the top 10, for now;

10.  So You Think You Can Dance – Both the Canadian and American versions offer much entertainment.  I get a little tired of all the chatter and voting silliness but love to watch the dancers.

9.   Hawaii 5-0 – A new-ish take on the classic show.  Not too bad!  I like it and it is something I can watch with my husband at the same time without him bolting away for more “manly” shows.

8. Grey’s Anatomy – My medi-soap fix.  A great one to watch with girlfriends and chardonnay… or in my case, stuffed animals, a cat and some flat beverage from the back of the fridge.

7.  Ace of Cakes – I’m sure I could whip up one of these creations if I only applied myself. 

6.  How I Met Your Mother – Getting a little old now but it still has its funny moments.  Barney is great and you gotta love Lily.

5.   Amazing Race – My armchair traveller fix.  It’s kind of a guilty pleasure, watching couples bitch at each other as they embarrass themselves in various countries around the world.  Hardly rocket-science but it fills my Sunday evening void.

4.  Glee – Great for my closet inner-diva.  This would be one of the shows from which my husband runs away.  I have no idea why.

3.   Rick Mercer Report – Cleaver and funny.  Great for my Canadian content, eh?!

2.  Big Bang Theory! – Definitely a favourite.  Sheldon is awesome with the best written character EVER.  *Bazinga!*

1.  Modern Family - Every character is amazing in this one.  I have to adhere to a no drinking and watching policy on this show lest I spray beverage everywhere.

So what’s on your top 10?  Anything you can’t live without?  Do share.


  1. Oh my gosh!! I am so with you on Modern Family. Manny is my favourite. No wait, Phil. No, Cam. No.... you get the picture.

    I am a total Gleek! My husband not so much a fan either. I've just started watching How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Love love love me some Grey's.

  2. the only thing i don't watch on your list is hawaii 5-0. oh and amazing race. i was a fan until they had the season with past reality show winners. never went back. oh and ace of cakes. i so miss the food channel. i was at ninja mom's on tuesday and got to watch iron chef. sqwee!!

    i'll add private practice and lie to me and house. i need something to watch on friday and saturday night when there is absolutely nothing on!! gotta love me the pvr.

  3. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur... ha ha. It's stuck in your head now, isn't it?