Saturday, November 13, 2010

TTAM #13 - Lucky 13

Any triskaidekaphobics out there? Perhaps you are too afraid to turn on your computer today, it being the 13th day of the month. Today's lucky topic is the amusing factors of fear, luck and all that superstitious stuff.

The great thing about being a type B personality is that I actually don't get phased much. I don't over think things nor concern myself with perfection (or grammar, spelling or run-on sentences - sorry!). But wait! I do have a few superstitions and I wrestle with the logic of them from time to time.

I don't walk under ladders. This is partially a superstition thing and partially me being little-ms.-safety. I have had enough things ping me in the head that I don't want to risk it being a tool dropped from a height. Perfectly logical, right?

I get a wee bit concerned about broken mirrors. When I was a pre-teen, we had house guests of a particularly annoying sort come to stay. Being moody, I wanted to be alone in my room and this boy kept hassling me. Ack! Somehow he pushed my buttons and I pushed him through a mirror door on my closet. Sure I was concerned that my parents were going to be pissed (they were cool with it) but what I was really worried about was the seven years of bad luck headed my way. Crap! (Incidentally, the boy then enrolled in karate classes, having been beaten by a girl. Sweet victory for bad-ass me!)

If I think about it, I do try to avoid cracks in the sidewalk. No one must see me doing this but I do care for my mother and would like her back to be in good shape. I do hope my children will show me the same courtesy.

On the plus side, I do get excited if my palms start to itch. That means I am going to get money... or maybe I shouldn't have played with that 3-leafed plant so much. Pass the cortisone!

Want to take a quiz? Try this one to see how superstitious you are. At the very least, you will be somewhat amused and may learn some new things of which you should be afraid.

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  1. I tend to call my neuroses superstitions to make them more socially acceptable. And what kind of idiot would walk under a ladder? Really?