Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TTAM #16 – Memory Lane


Mary Lynn wrote a great post about her youthful Scottish travels.  Oh the memories!  I love to remember the good, bad and stupid of my early days.  Dug up an old album and some photos of me and my bff from our travellin’ days.  Much has changed since then but the memories come back crystal clear.


It was when we were about 19 she had taken a year in Europe.  I joined her for 4 weeks of speedy travel through five countries.  In this photo, we are on a boat trip in Germany.  We called it our Great Rhine Wine Cruise.   The thrill of being able to order wine anywhere and check out gorgeous castles along the way was tooootally awesome to us young Canadian babes. 

At some point (after we got our randomly selected wine) it started to cloud over, got really dark and the sky threatened.  No worries, mate!  We were certainly not going to retreat below.  We knew we were perfectly safe as a gang of nuns had also boarded, so sipped away under an umbrella or something while it poured.  I remember trying to get some shots of lightning zapping over the castles along the shore.  Four weeks of fabulous experiences - priceless.


  1. Ah ha. The nunnified shield theory. Sorry.

  2. i was thinking about scanning some of my travel pics as well, but the albums are hidden under a very scary pile of stuff. must get the hubby on that.

    i did the "oh-thrusday-must-be-munich" tour of europe as well. ended with me in the hopsital for a few days, but that will be a whole post topic!

  3. Oh, I am thinking about writing a travel post. Inspired by you and Mary Lynn.