Thursday, November 11, 2010

In which we contemplate Remembrance Day with Brownies, Cubs and Stuff

My tykes are members of Brownies and Cubs.  They are proud of their involvement and enjoy almost everything that these organizations have to offer. 

Brownie and Cub

On November 11th, both of their units have encouraged their members to wear their full uniform to school for the day.  The kids are happy to do so but it has made me contemplate why this tradition is part of Remembrance Day.  There is no meeting, no silly games or activities that they would associate wearing these uniforms for on Cub and Brownie night.  How can this gesture make a difference?

I think it reflects their pride in their country and those who aim to serve it in the way that is appropriate to them.  While in uniform, they are reminded of their respective promises to serve and respect their country.  In a small way, they can relate to the effort that comes from earning badges and perhaps gain better understanding what is involved in the decorations and metals of soldiers who have served for Canada.  Both organizations have community service and understanding Canadian heritage as part of their programs.  Perhaps this is another way that they can feel a part of the bigger picture. 

I am looking forward to seeing them do their thing at the school ceremony today.  Owen will be belting out with the choir (off pitch and good n’ loud) a song about poppies.  Laura will be standing tall and proud to be Canadian.  I’m proud of them both and thankful for Scouting and Guiding to allow them a chance to shine at school in a way that is important to them while honouring our fallen Canadian heroes.


  1. i was in guides from brownies up to an adult leader. about 25 yrs in total. i participated in the remembrance day parade every year. i really got a veyr good sense of what it was all about. i'm glad to see that they are still continuing with the tradition.

    on a side note, how are you liking the scouting program? is your son in an all boys troup? i'm debating on whether to put the jellybean in it.

  2. Julie - My guy loves scouting. Both his Beavers and Cubs groups have been mixed with both male and female leaders. This has worked well for him as he is not all about sports as some male only groups seem to be. He loves the community and outdoor activities and he likes being able to work for badges. The groups are only as good as the leaders and that can change year by year. Go visit a meeting to get a feel for it if you're interested and see how organized they seem. You can generally join anytime.