Friday, November 26, 2010

Remembering our angel

He would have been 11 today.  So much time has passed and yet I still miss our first son Kyle, born still at 7 months.  He is forever with me, part of what makes me the person I am, the mother I am, the wife I am. 

Often I remember the blessings he brought me – an understanding of a mother’s love, appreciation for the smallest things, unshakable faith in God.  It makes me more patient with my children, appreciating who they are and living in the moment.  I understand grief better and hope I am able to help others who go through hard times.  This wisdom only comes from the loss of innocence, from the part of me that is missing.   It is a high price to pay.  Time heals, faith heals and connecting with others heals.  I am blessed.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, my sweet son.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  You are forever loved.


  1. it might sound contrived, but i am sending hugs to you on this bitter sweet day.

  2. I didn't post when I first read this because I didn't know what to say. And then I realized, saying nothing is far worse than possibly saying the wrong thing. So . . .
    I want you to know that I remember the day we got the call with the news of Kyle and the sadness we felt for all of you. And even though we never got to meet him he was in our hearts throughout your pregnancy and I do still think of him often and I wonder about who he would be and how all of our lives would be different if he were here.
    Most of all, even though he's not here, I want you to know that we have not forgotten him.