Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Weekend Equation

1 husband travelling so far away that time zones don't allow for a coherent phone call
+ 2 kids high on Christmas spirit and visible snow
+ 1 sister who asked me to watch her 3 tykes for the weekend whilst she worked
+ 1 stubbed toe, 5 bruised knees and plenty of snurbly noses
+ 1 skating party for a beloved niece
+ 20 6-year-olds of varying skating ability and temperaments let loose on the ice
+ 1 sugary princess cake
+ 1 Grey Cup crazed boy
+ 3 hours of driving like a taxi
1 very tired NaBloPoMo blogging mama looking forward to a quiet Monday


  1. Whew! I'm tired just reading all that! Cheers to a quiet Monday for you.

  2. whoa! now that's quite a weekend. peaceful monday to you my friend!

  3. I have found the book club book that I thought I had lost and now amd sitting reading it, sipping tea. I've skype-chatted with my hubby and know he still exists. The kidlets are at school. I do indeed love Mondays!

  4. Oh no she didn't! Seriously? Your sister owes you big!