Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TTAM #2 – Duckies!

There is something about ducks that is SO amusing to me.  Especially when they look like this:  feeding-mallard-ducks_7356 I laugh out loud almost every time they stick their little tushies up in the air.  They are too buoyant to dive down and they moon us all with nary a care in in the world and a happy quack.

They have both cuteness and attitude.  Like they might turn to you and say “What?  Are these no-name bread crumbs?  Well Quack-you!”  And who can resist adorable little ducklings?!  ducklings Totally makes my day. 


  1. duck bums totally make me smile. every time.

  2. Note to self -- duck booties as an antidote to depression.

  3. Haha! Too cute - thanks for making me smile:)