Monday, November 22, 2010


The weather sucks today.  We awoke to slippery sidewalks following freezing rain. It’s grey and dark and I just don’t want to play.  But dragging myself to the gym helped.  I am moving and refocusing, trying to shift my perspective to get through stupid November. 

With this in mind, I am remembering the many things I am grateful for from the past few days.  I have come from a weekend where I saw my parents – both in good health and preparing to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next month.  We laughed so hard about a few things that we had to keep tissues handy to wipe away the tears.  I am grateful to have them as parents, mentors and friends. 

Anne's Nov 2010 011

I had a wonderful visit with friends from my old neighbourhood.  I am so thankful to know these women.  We’ve woven together through the past decade with baby playdates, cottage weekends and scrapbook sessions.  I appreciate each one of them for who they are and how they just “get” me.  It is so comfortable – like coming home.  

I returned to a sandwich of hugs from beaming children.  They chattered on about what they did all weekend.  My husband is amazing, balancing everything and encouraging me.  My gratitude for my family is beyond measure.  I am thankful for this life we have built in Ottawa, for the wonderful new friends I have found and how well we are settling here.  There is much warmth and peace here.  I am thankful.

It helps to write this today.  I needed reminders that there is more to November than dreariness and chill.  I am even grateful for the NaBloPoMo challenge as it has helped me to not wish away this month.  I am striving to do something creative daily, some days more successful than others.  Cheers and best wishes for warm thoughts on cold November days!


  1. Way to go. As soon as I'm able to be inspired again you will totally inspire me.

  2. Yeah for wonderful family and friends.

    I'm actually enjoying NaBloPoMo this year, too. Usually by this point I feel all wrung out of ideas and somewhat annoyed with myself for signing up for the whole thing. But this time around I'm actually having fun with it.

  3. lovely post. i'm with you on the "november sucks" band wagon. i'm finding posting once a day to be a realy challenge. still floundering as what to write today.

  4. "More to November than dreariness and chill." Thanks for writing that - I felt uplifted just hearing it. And your son's friend made a wonderful Molly. My daughter (grade 4) was very impressed with all the kids in the play. And the dog, who belonged to a friend of my mother-in-law.