Saturday, November 6, 2010

TTAM #6 - Medical Appointments

Really??? OK, not really, but it does help pass the time to get a little giddy while you anticipate yourself being poked, prodded and generally embarrassed by all that is wrong with you.

My dad was a doctor and very brilliantly put a few decorations on the ceiling about the exam table for comic relief. A magnetic mouse was my favourite and there were also a variety of doctor related comics about. I had the best dentist in Toronto who chatted away with his hygienist about Mr. Bean at length and I swear I barely knew I was undergoing a filling at the time as I was laughing so hard.

So, yesterday I was delighted to see the lovely tropical pictures posted around the mammogram contraption. My brain: "Ahhhh... swimming in tropical seas while I ... what the?! Ow! Is that kind of pressure really necessary? Think daiquiri, think daiquiri! Stupid shark - let go of my boob!" Alright, half way there. Except the shark hit a nerve or something in the next round.

Technician: " How are we doing?"

Me: " Oh fine. Wait! Spinny. I think I might..."

Technician: "Crap! I'll grab a chair..... "

Me (dreaming): " I think I'll go for a snack before I go snorkeling with that handsome guide. The pineapple looks good. Wait! Aren't I supposed to be somewhere else? (waking) Hmmm. That's odd, I'm on the floor."

Me (talking): "Ooops, guess I fainted! So sorry. (How very Canadian of me to apologize for passing out!) .

Technician (who had caught me, bless her!): "No problem. It happens more than you think. Can I get you some juice?"

Ah, the things I do so I have something to blog about. Now what shall I try next for my attention -seeking-behaviour shenanigan?


Just going to add that regardless of how difficult any medical procedure may seem;
a) You MUST do it because a small discomfort may mean a huge benefit to your health and

b) That previous comment may have been better directed to men who are great at putting their head in the sand when it comes to their own health and

c) There is definitely lots of humour to be found, even in the most uncomfortable circumstances and it does help pass the time.


  1. Ah, you had a vasovagal reaction. I once had a similar thing happen the one and only time I ever got acupuncture. Passed right out, and then when I came to--because I also am a good Canadian--I apologized profusely for having fainted.

    I do like that tropical picture. If you did have to float off to some other place, that was a lovely place to float off to.

  2. you can pass out from having your boobs smooshed? good to know.

  3. Take me with you next time (so I can stroke your hair and comfort you and drive you home. Definitely not so I can take pictures and mock you online later. I'm here for you, babe.)