Friday, November 19, 2010

#19 – Light Books

I never make enough time for reading.  I really do love a good book but the time escapes me (probably because I am blog surfing or watching way too much TV) and I just don’t curl up for the hours I image myself doing.  So in an attempt to not let my brain go completely to mush, I have a great book club where I can read the books that make me think. 

Then there are light books.  These are the easy reads that are a great escape for a while.  The type of book you can follow in the fifteen minutes at the doctor’s office or before you pass out exhausted at the end of the day.  One that I read a while ago that I just loved was Three Bags Full – A Sheep Detective Story by Leonie Swann. Perhaps I am a bit biased as I have quite the fondness for sheep but it is a good and definitely different read.  You will never look at sheep the same again.

Today I am on a road trip and I got the audio copy of the sheepy book and a few others to keep myself company.  Yay!  I can not listen to anything that requires too much attention for my road trips or I will get too lost in the book that I get lost on the road too. 

Got any favourite light reads?  Anything you could go back to for a re-read, simply for the pleasure of it?  (I find the Anne books are great for that.  A great pick-up on a sleepless night.) 

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  1. You like sheep? Good thing I read your blog or I would never have known that.

    I don't reread as much as I would kind of like to. When I want to sort of push the reset button on reading I read young adult books -- there's a lot of really great ones out now.