Friday, March 12, 2010

As Luck Would Have It…

Today our school held it’s annual cake raffle fund raiser event. The students could practice their gambling skills and buy ballots for a chance to win their yummy prize. I expect they will be teaching them poker math and roulette reading soon and they will have excellent prospects at the local casino when they come of age.

Anyway, I thought I would embrace this teaching opportunity as a chance to talk about chance & odds and how we don’t always win, be a good loser, blah, blah, blah. Except Laura did win. What?! Well, that’s just great. Positive reinforcement for this wagering on confections thing. Yes, mom was wrong. Owen was a little annoyed he didn’t win too but easily appeased with a bite of the loot.

March 2010 003

Strangely, I am not actually surprised at Laura’s good fortune. We tend to be lucky people. Not big-time-winning-the-lottery-luck, but just enough to keep me chipping in for raffles. I won a roll-up-the-rim Timmies coffee the other day, won tickets to a local hockey game and a lovely can of paint at a local fair once. I remember going to a conference and feeling all nervous before they did the draw because I knew I was going to win (fancy Windows software – woo hoo!). I made my husband go back and check numbers again after a charity race because, yet again, I knew I had won before looking. (Now if I could only harness that power for good!) Maybe my little girl has inherited my “lucky” gene.

Then there is the luck we have when we change our perspective. I am so lucky to have a child with high functioning autism because it makes me view the world differently and I think makes me a better person and parent. I am lucky we found our home here on the first day that we looked and it is perfect in every way for us. Or maybe that is just perspective again. It is great luck that I have never got a speeding ticket in all my years of driving. OK, that one is luck and now that I’ve written it, I guarantee I will be posting about my run in with Officer Attitude sometime soon.

“Luck affects everything. Let your hook always be cast in the stream where you least expect there will be a fish. “

If good fortune does not find you today, may you make it into being.


  1. Hooray!! Hooray that I found your blog (you had an extra http:// at the end of your address) and hooray that someone I know when home with a cake!

    I like the way you look at fortune or chance or luck, which ever way you look at it, things seem to work out as they are suppose to sometimes even when we don't know why.

  2. Get OUT! You win stuff? I never win anything! And thanks for rubbing it in, by the way...oh wait, Eve was upset about not winning a cake, however me (and my giant ass) were quite relieved.

  3. We are the lucky ones, for having you in our lives!

  4. My daughter saw the picture and wanted to know what kind of cake it was! Whatever it was,I hope it was good.