Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Reset Button

When all else fails, push the reset button. At least you feel like you are doing something, even if it doesn't work. You can at least say, "Well, I pushed the reset button and started from scratch." Starting over is often the best plan.

This is true for my old computer. It would spin and spin, making arthritic noises until I'd push the blessed "ctrl-alt-del" and snap out of it. (Until one day it decided that it knew my tricks and wasn't going to fall for it anymore.) Same goes for my spazing out mp3 player that I had given up for dead, until I found that tiny button and pushed it before I hurled the thing through the window. Ah, all better.

Today I am pushing my own reset button. It is in the form of the shower, so nice and hot and makes me feel new again. No more wallowing around in pjs, tending to my better-yet-not-well-enough-for school-hyper-son. It is time to let the rinse cycle, wash over me and reset me for the day.

The curve balls keep coming. Just remembered an appointment I'm to take my daughter to this afternoon, now with son in tow too. My MIL is still in hospital but getting better. My husband is getting worse with no rest in sight. But once I get restarted, I'll be ready to handle it all again ... hopefully... because I can't afford a me-replacement quite yet.

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  1. Ugh, hang in there. It always seems to fall to the moms to be the glue that holds it all together. Don't get sick!