Friday, March 5, 2010

Blissfully blind

I would make a terrible witness.  Details escape me to a remarkable degree.  My friend Anne is the opposite and we have often laughed at our opposing tendencies.  What did I eat at the special anniversary dinner?  … ummm…  I think it was chicken…. with some sauce….  It was good, I remember that.  She remembers the wallpaper they have in the bathroom at the restaurant, the name of the waiter and the number of raspberries on her chocolate dessert. 

Another thing is how quickly I become people blind.  I have friends who, when I really think about it, I know are Asian or have a speech impediment but it has largely slipped my attention.  I will not notice if you are wearing the same pants three days in a row nor what that joke was you said.  A bit of a curse at times.  (I am also great at forgetting birthdays,  Please accept my apologies in advance!) 

What I do have is great clarity when it comes to un-seeable.  It is the personalities, the relationship we have that are so distinct to me.  Your mood of the moment, being a good listener when needed and , due to the memory loss, I am great at keeping secrets.  

(What’s the point of this post?  I’ve lost my train of thought, as usual.  But I know I like this blogging thing and I can always hope through writing I get more clarity….  oh ya, the train is returning to the station…  )

Forget the trees, I want to be in the whole forest.  And give me a call if you are having trouble putting together the pieces – I know the Big Picture.  To me, that is what really matters.



  1. No wonder we get lost a lot. :)

    You are the best Big Picture person I know (especially regarding mothering). I may need a daily Big Picture phone call, can we arrange that?

  2. I'm a bit like that, too, at least visually. I do remember things that I hear well, but I don't pay close enough attention to things that I see. I rarely notice if someone has new shoes on, or if they had a haircut, or if they're suddenly wearing an engagement ring.

    I sometimes don't recognize people I've met before, which can be terribly embarrassing. Or conversely, I see someone I think I know and start talking to them, only to find out they're someone else entirely. Ah, good times...

  3. No wonder we like to hang out!!! I am SOOOOO like this, drives my husband batty!!!! Oh well - he can pay attention to the detail and I will embrace the big picture