Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Appreciating Wellness

The best part of being sick is when you aren’t anymore.  You appreciate being well and don’t take it for granted.  Eating, sleeping and breathing well are all wonderful accomplishments.

A nasty stomach bug has swept through our house this past week and a half.  First was Owen – knocked flat from his usual bouncy feet, generating lots of laundry and not wanting to do anything.  I understood oh so well how he felt a few days later.  Ick.  The upside being that I lost 5 lbs but was ridiculously weak from it all.  And of course, dearest husband was away for work at the time and it was up to me, bucket in hand, to get the kids fed, dressed and to school.  Joy.  Although I did feel completely justified in abandoning ALL housework and curling up with The Jane Austin Book Club, which was the perfect snuggle into the couch and sip tea type movie for the day.

Laura waited until after a beloved Build-A-Bear birthday party to have her turn.  A mere 24 hours was all she needed until she was back to her usual cheerful self.  I love how quickly kids rebound.  DH, on the other hand, was floored for days.  It always hits him the hardest but I was out of sympathy by then so abandoned him for retail therapy. 

So this morning, slowly sipping my coffee after going for a long walk, I am thankful that I am not sick.  May April come in like a very healthy lamb.


  1. The Jane Austen Book Club is *my* book. I totally had that idea and was making some notes to write it when BAM, it was published, only written by some other lady!!! I was robbed.

  2. And man, it takes a lot to take the bounce out of Owen's feet :). I loved the Jane Austen Book Club. What a great movie to curl up and newly not-barf with. It was a great walk. And I got my newspaper basket cleaned out this afternoon while resting my feet.