Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Knowing you, knowing me - March

Via Bibliomama, via Fairy Blogmother
knowing me, knowing you - march

“Well it's that time again.... time for that little monthly interview project that I started that I like to call knowing me, knowing you. Why not play along with us?”

1. Do you play a musical instrument?

Sort of. A bit of piano, which I eeked out until Royal Conservatory grade 6.  It’s coming in handy now that my kids are taking piano.  Poor Steve doesn’t have any musical talent so it is up to me to guide the kidlets on their musical quest.  Unfortunately they inherited his delightful tone-deafness, but I digress.  I also play some flute from my high school band days and much to the amusement of my kids.

2. Do you have a set of every day dishes and a set of "good" dishes?

*sigh* Yes, I have some good dishes in addition to my every day variety.  They look lovely, unused, in the cabinet. I should pull them out more often but they need to be hand-washed so I don’t.  When in doubt, go the easy route, I say!

3. Chocolate milk or white? 

White – 1% or so.  I actually like the stuff although I don’t drink it near enough.

4. What time do you usually head up to bed? 

If my husband is home I am sensible and head to bed by 10:00.  He is away right now so 11- 11:30 (thanks computer!) is more the norm.  We get up early with kids bouncing around so I need my beauty sleep at times.

5. Do you hang your toilet paper over or under?

Well, that is just a silly question.  Doesn’t everyone hang it over?  It is most ergonomically correct to do so.


  1. Hi Pam,

    I just wanted to post a quick note of thanks. Thanks for reading my blog and reaching out with your support. Feeling part of a group feels really good. I know none of us WANT to be part of this club, but it's so helpful to not be alone. Thanks for checking in and offering your support. It helps!

  2. Ah, that's it...it's ergonomically correct, not that I'm a neuro-obsessive weirdo...

    Handwash? Hell no!

  3. And also, I'm Angus today, because when I try to change it your blog kicks me out... Allison

  4. Hey "Angus". I'm sure it is personal with the blog kicking out thing. The bloggods have it in for me.