Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wishing I could use the "Revlio" spell right about now

That would be the Harry Potter spell that reveals hidden objects.  But, alas, my wand is broken and the spell isn't working. 

I'm losing things.  This in not good.  First it was my Starbucks card.  Both convenient and gets me free stuff, losing this little thing has caused me way too much pocket digging and espresso angst.  Luckily they still take cash and greet me with a super-sized "What can we get started for you today!?!", so I still feel the love. 

More seriously, I have misplaced the tickets for "Mamma Mia" next week.  ACK!!!  This is very, very bad.  Yes, I am about 90% sure I could get those puppies reissued and pick 'm up at the box office.  I doubt I'm the first to lose these things.  But still, I feel like a great big dumb dork losing those tickets.  I remember seeing the envelope (and squealing) and thinking "I really should put those somewhere safe." 
So either
a) I did put them somewhere so safe that I can't find them, 
b) I am hallucinating or
c) (my favourite option) my husband, in his cleaning frenzy, tossed them in the recycling that was picked up yesterday. 
None of these options mean I have the damn tickets. 

Yesterday, after the recycling truck probably stole them, I spent way too much time indoors sorting papers.  Sure I found several bits of paperwork that had to be dealt with and sent back to the school as well as missing medical reports, lost addresses and money.  Ya, whatever.  They are not the tickets!  I suppose it is a good thing to find a little bit more order around here.  *sigh* Time to give up, admit defeat and call the box office. 

I am going to continue to work on the spell though.  It would be rather handy as would "Scourigify" , "Reparo"and I'll throw in a "Wingardium Leviosa" as well.  You never know when it will come in handy.


  1. I frequently put things somewhere safe from myself. It's a talent, really.

  2. I lost tickets once, to a KISS concert. I had them reissued. Now I get all my tickets "print at home" and just print them the day before. i NEVER delete e-mails as my two inboxes (work and personal) with tens of thousands of combined e-mails can attest to. I need an intervention in online housekeeping!

  3. This summer I bought and filled out a card for my niece and then just moments later could not find it ANYWHERE. I searched and searched and eventually just had to give up and buy another one.

    I just found it last week in the box where I throw all the kids' artwork while it is waiting to be sorted - I go through the pile around three times a year. Guess it got swept up in some housecleaning...but it was a HUGE relief to discover I was not imagining the whole thing!

  4. We try Accio all the time - the summoning charm. It doesn't seem to work so well. Hope you find your tickets. I took my girls to see Mamma Mia for New Years in 2009 and it was a fabulous night. So jealous.

  5. I know I don't have to tell you that those are EXACTLY the sorts of things I do all the time.

    **cough** purse **cough**

    Or there was the time I lost a T-shirt I bought for Hana for Christmas but I lost it before Christmas ever rolled around. That I posted about in Nov. 2008. And then in March 2010 I posted about finally finding the darned shirt!

    Hope you find your tickets and the Starbucks card--or at the very least, I hope the box office is good to you.