Thursday, November 24, 2011


By the time this post is up, we will be in middle of our trip on the opposite side of the world from the kids and I know I will be aching for them.  So I write this for my daughter today, appreciating the person she is, with or without me by her side.

Laura is a natural nurturer.  She absolutely had to be snuggled from the day she was born.  I wore her in a sling through most of those colicky months as a baby and squeeze her close as we read in the evenings now.  She loves to pass on all her caring to her HUGE collection of stuffies, webkins and dolls.  Parties are held for creature birthdays and everyone is included.  There are a couple of friends who she is extra close to.  This is one.

Her special doll is Taryn, a Maplelea Girl that we got for her last Christmas.  It's an investment to have one of these dolls so you have to be pretty sure she will be valued for more than a week.  Laura has definitely exceeded my expectations. 

Taryn is like a little sister and Laura adores her.  I hear them chatting in her room, making crafts together, getting dressed for outings or helping to cook in the kitchen.  Laura made her friend her own epi-pen to wear for a shellfish allergy.  She has her own cardboard box closet for her clothes (which is much neater than Laura's closet by far!)  For the past week they have been camping at "Maplelea National Park", a created land that is like a summer camp.  Owen has been in on this too as his room is their cabin where they all bunk out and sing campfire songs.   It is such fun to watch my 8 year-old immerse herself in her imagination. 

Here are the girls as they have their fun.  A lifetime of adoration.  Love it.


  1. The first time I saw Laura I thought she looked like a character in a fairy tale. She is so sweet and genuine - much like her mother. Glad you're having a good time, but I MISS YOU.

  2. Every year we get a flyer for the Maplelea girls and I just LOVE them, but I'm afraid they will be Not Properly Appreciated around here so I can spring for them. But I think I might come over to see Laura's, if that is okay. Think she will let me play with her for a bit?