Thursday, November 17, 2011

Packing Distractions

The To-Do list today is short. 
  • PACK
  • Clean bedrooms
  • Dinner
That's about it.  Seems quite do-able when I see it written there.  But I am stuck on the first item.  "Pack" has been on the list for days and I can't seem to manage to get anything in the suitcase beyond underwear.

You see, DH and I are off to Australia for a week, leaving on Sunday.  Our most wonderful families are taking care of the home stuff, kids and cat thus making it all possible.  We are heading to a wedding near Sydney, taking a wine tour and get to enjoy touristy stuff too.  Trip of a lifetime, really.  But I am overwhelmed into inaction on the packing thing.

I've got the packing list to help.  Except it doesn't cover why I can't put the things into the suitcase before the panicky day of travel!  All these important thoughts keep going through my mind:
What to wear?  What does one wear to a spring wedding in Australia anyway?  I bought an awesome dress.... I think.... is it too casual?  too colourful?  too not a good fit?  Ack!  And what about shoes?  Should I wear healed sandals or is that not appropriate?  How many shoes can a I really bring before exceeding the weight restrictions?  The weather is all over the place so what do I wear if it rains?  Will people laugh and point if they see me in my swim suit? Will there be kangaroos?  Can I bring home a kangaroo or will that exceed the weigh restrictions?  Can I leave all my clothes behind and bring back a suitcase of wine?  Oh the dilemmas!

I am also obsessing about how I am going to survive a 18 hour flight squished in an airplane seat.  What will I do if my on board entertainment fails and I can only watch shows in German?  Will this damn cold be done before I take off?  There may be whining and it may not be the baby with the ear infection that they seat next to me.   Adding to list - sedatives - extra-strength, eye mask, ear plugs, nose plugs, snuggie. 

Of course it will be all worth it.  Whatever I have forgotten, I can buy.  I get to go to freaking Australia so shut-up!  Time to pack away my inner procrastinator and just do it. 


  1. Wow...that's a big trip! Hope you have a wonderful time. Myself, I'd be saving room to bring a few bottles of Kilikanoon back with me!

  2. Wow Australia! That is awesome. Enjoy every moment. And since its NaBloPoMo I am looking forward to your posts from down under!

  3. You're going to Australia??? How fun! Can't wait to hear all about it! Very exciting.