Friday, November 11, 2011

First snowflakes mean Christmas thoughts

Tea Wreath
Stumbled on this today.  Very cool idea!  It comes from a series at Frugal Experiments on Christmas ideas. 

I often have good intentions to make more stuff at Christmas.  I love to pour over the magazines with their make-a-zillion-things-in -a-jar ideas or DIY fused-glass frames an the like.  Unfortunately, not only do I lack any real artistic talent, but I am awesome at leaving things until the last minute.  Creativity needs time (to allow for the multitude of mega-mistakes I make) and to let the project work into something worthwhile.   I am a more non-perfectionist-off-the-cuff type personality.  That doesn't make most things look worthy of wrapping and sharing.  I am working on that.

There are 43 days until Christmas.  My goal: to make something worth sharing with someone I care about for Christmas.  I want to have more than commercial things under the tree.  Will it work?  I hope so.  Ask me on December 24th while I frantically set fire to a scupture in the garage.  The tea wreath is looking better and better.  Could I alter it to hold mini-bar bottles of spirits?  Hmmmm. 

What do you create for your holiday?  Are you trying something new?  Do share, I'd love to hear (and be jealous) of your creations. 


  1. You read my mind - I was thinking 'tequila wreath, baby'.

  2. Ah...a mini-bar bottle wreath would be awesome.

  3. I have spent the past two weeks obsessed with a new advent calendar I am making. Each day has a pocket made out of felt and each pocket is decorated with a custom-designed Christmas item: a little tree, a snowman, a candy cane. I even made three that are tiny recreations in felt of my kids' three sleep-buddy stuffed animals.

    I am OBSESSED.

    I'll blog all about it when it's getting closer to done. I never knew I had this craftiness in me!

  4. one year i crocheted scarves for everyone.this year i knitted some hats and fingerless gloves for thanksmas. last year i made christmas tree ornaments. i'm doing the same this year. i knitted the cuttest little mitten last night. really, it's adorable! i wish i could made so many things for us, but we just don't have the space. i need more space!!