Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quest for the perfect water bottle

I am a heavy drinker.  I do it for my health.  Most of the time, thankfully, it is water in the bottle that I am sucking back.  I do this to lead a good example for my kids and because I'm cheap.  Today I wanted to share my struggle with finding the perfect water bottle.

These are useless:  I have no idea why I still have them.  They either leak, the straw falls out regularly or the top is too big to drink from without drooling all over the place. 

 These work well!  They seal up nicely, come in a variety of sizes but kill polar bears, clear-cut forests and poison bunnies or something like that.  If I do stoop to using the plastic water bottles, I reuse it many times, sometimes remembering to wash them too.  They can also double as squirters if your kids are bothering you on a hot day.

 These are the kids' favourites for school.  Laura's is too big and adds about 3 kg to her daily haul to school if I fill it up to the top.  However, it seals well and locks to avoid soggy papers.  Owen's is stainless steel and boy-proof.  He is very attached to it and I had to buy two to avoid meltdowns if it should dare go missing.  A bit of a leaker if he doesn't body-slam it shut, but largely acceptable. 

This is my bottle.  Oops, wrong photo....

This is mine, all mine.  I do not share.  Stainless, wide enough mouth to add ice cubes and good spout.  Love it!  Except I wish it was purple ... and self-cleaning... and made me better looking, but it will do.

Do you have a must-have water bottle?  Is there a mug that is your favourite for your morning cup of coffee?  Do share. 

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