Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Which is why I don't do a cooking blog

The tales of my spaziness just keep coming!  I amaze myself.  Today we venture into why I am not a cooking blogger.

DH, though not exactly allergic to eggs, simply can't be near eggs being cooked or eat any breakfast food containing eggs.  Sounds like allergy to me but I ain't no doctor.  Anyway, he was lamenting the other day that he wishes he could have french toast.  He'd ordered it on his travels recently but he couldn't eat it because it had, you know, eggs on it.  (Well, why did you order it?!) 

Being all kinds of awesome, I "Googled" egg-less french toast recipes and came up with some cool ideas.  This one looked good but we don't do bananas in this house so some adapting would be necessary.  Laura loves to cook and create in the kitchen so she "helped".

The recipe called for coconut milk.  Hmmm, no coconut milk to be found but condensed milk starts with "c" so it should do just fine, don't you think?  The first can of sweetened condensed milk looked odd and the expiry date was in 2008 so, after much consideration, I tossed it.  We opened another can.  Thicker than I thought but no matter, we'll just thin the thing with milk and carry on.  Laura wants to add a tablespoon of cinnamon.  I talk her down to a half-teaspoon and whip up the mixture. 

Bread tossed and flipped into a pan.  Looks almost real!  It burned a bit (probably due to the high sugar content) but it actually came out alright.
No need for syrup on this creation.  Apples make it seem somewhat healthy.  Laura makes an applesauce mixture with 1/2 cup applesauce and 1/2 cup cinnamon for her piece.  Owen refuses to try it. 

It tasted alright, really.  A little rich perhaps but not bad when you are hungry and are trying to convince yourself that you can handle variations in the kitchen.  And then for the rest of the day, DH and I had headaches and our stomache's felt off.  I'm not saying it was the french toast necessarily but consider yourself warned. 

I got some real, unexpired coconut milk and will be trying the recipe again sometime soon.  Perhaps when we all feel well and our sense of adventure has returned.


  1. French Toast is a huge treat around here, and due to the Captain's allergies I make it without eggs and milk. I use rice milk and pumpkin to make the mix - the recipe is from Isa Chandra Muskowitz's Vegan Brunch, a really great cookbook. Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

  2. Hmmm. Egg-less French toast. I never thought I would see the day - but something to try, maybe. I do have coconut milk (unexpired) in my cupboard.

  3. ok girlfriend you are in the land of oz and are still posting. sounds like some planning happened and alot of creativity before the trip.

  4. You don't 'do' bananas? How is it that I didn't know this about you? Is it a philosophical objection? What did bananas ever do to you, hmmmmm?