Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where did I put my brain?

One of the delightful side effects to being sick with a stupid cold that I just don't have time for, is that I have lost what was left of my brain.  Apparently even without medication, I should not be operating heavy equipment.

Yesterday, being the amazingly good person that I am, I ran errands, grocery shopped, whipped home to drop off the groceries (even remembering to put frozen stuff away) then drove back to the school to nab a perfect parking spot before going in to volunteer for the book fair.  I didn't cheat too many kids at the cash, though I admit by the end I was saying things like "That will be $12.50, er, $12.75, I mean, hell, just give me your $20 and we'll call it even!".  (I don't think they will be asking me back to do cash anytime soon.)  Then we got chatting about a new business in Westboro that one of the volunteers is starting - One Tooth Activewear.  (The stuff looks amazing, not over priced and they are having a grand opening on Saturday.) 

Anyway, I was distracted.  Bell rings, zip out to grab kids, walk home and trick them into doing their homework while I conjure up an amazing dinner (well, better than KD dinner anyway.)   Then DH walks in and says "Um, why is your car parked at the school?"  It takes me a minute to process this.  Oh, that car.  I had not even noticed it was gone.  I am a lousy witness and should not be trusted with anything.  We piled into the other car and picked up the lonely one waiting in it's perfect spot. 

The good thing is that my husband's first reaction was one of guilt.  He thought he was late for some event I had at the school and came in all ready to say how sorry he was.  The training is paying off!  And, being sick, I don't have the energy to correct him.


  1. Ha! Oh, we are kindred spirits, aren't we?

  2. I once left my car parked at the bookstore where I was working and took the subway home. At least you only had to WALK back to the school.