Saturday, November 12, 2011

Denial isn't working

Please don't tell me it starts with a sore throat and headache. Some nasty virus has been going around and I think it snuck in my front door when I wasn't looking. Noooooo! I really don't want this now. We are heading away on our trip in a week. I'm not sure what would be worse - spending 18 hours of flying while feeling like crap, sitting next to Mr. Mancold husband in said flight while he feels like crap, or worrying about my kids at home with their auntie while they feel like crap. All bad news. So now I am in bug battle mode. Lysol, vitamin C and any other remedy that I can think of to ward off ickiness. Time to rack up points at the drugstore. Or maybe the liquor store. Whatever it takes.


  1. I wish I could say it isn't true, but that is how my nasty cold started. The only consolation is that the worse of it was gone in 36 hours and now I just have a tickle in my throat and a runny nose. No other symptoms. Not that those are terribly pleasant, but better than that nasty sinus headache. Sinus rinse, add that to your arsenal. I swear by it.

  2. You have a week - take the kids to school and curl up with tissues, liquids and Angry Birds for a few days. And if anyone approaches you to hawk pumpkins, Just Say No. Let me know if you need anything.