Saturday, November 5, 2011

OMG! Could I PLEASE get a moment?

This is the 8th time I've sat down at the computer to blog.  Seriously.  I cannot get a moment to myself! You would think I lived at mission control with the whole universe depending on my immediate response.  "Mom!  Did you know this is a 2009 version of the train schedule?  I NEEEEEED the 2011!" *bounce! bounce*.   (That just happened, really.) So where was I?  "Mom!  I have the note to the tooth fairy! Where do I put it?!"  BRB.  

I am definitely ON all weekend long.  My duties start after school on Friday and end with school drop off on Monday.   No wonder I drink too much coffee.  I foolishly thought I would be letting go more by now.  However, the demands, though evolving, are still resting on my very achy shoulders.  I need to know all, be all and do all.  And I am tired of it.  Sure I get the odd moment and yes, my husband can cook and do some chores.  All kid related crap still rests on me.  And what isn't kid related crap?  Apparently nothing. 

So today I went on strike.... for maybe 15 minutes ... then DD came and cuddled with me and showed me her cute craft and I immediately caved. Then I ate some chocolate, played some "Angry Birds" and went back to it.  So I guess I like this job.  All thoughtful blog-writing will occur weekdays after kids are at school and my 2nd cup of coffee.

'No, my mom can't come to the phone. She's digging out a bus route to my school.' by McCoy, Glenn and Gary
Being the shameful, unoriginal mom that I am, I "borrowed this cartoon from here.


  1. My husband has worked late every night for the past I don't know how long. Today, I said f**k it. I told the husband he is dealing with the kids. Of course, that means he dealt with them for like three hours. BUT STILL.

  2. I actually resorted to projectile vomiting for fifty-plus hours to get my husband to take care of the kids. Strangely, I don't recommend it. Well, actually, in your case Pam it might be the only way.... let me know if you want me to come over and breathe on you.

  3. This post was SO timely for me. This weekend I just felt like I could not take ONE MORE MINUTE of being interrupted every 30 seconds. By Sunday afternoon, my husband was all, are you okay? and I was all, IF I DON'T GET ONE FREAKING THING DONE AROUND HERE I AM GOING TO EXPLODE.

    Deep breaths. Tomorrow is another day. Those two hours a day when they are all three in school define my sanity.

    Hopefully that doesn't make me a bad mom.