Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aussie post

This writing from the iPad thing is not working out as well as I'd hoped. I'm sure there is some awesome app that would make it work better but I'm too lazy too busy to figure it out right now.

So, the big trip to Australia is wonderful. Here are some random thoughts:

Apparently the sun doesn't always shine in Australaia. However a wine tour with Mic and a bus of fun tourists is a great way to ignore localized flooding. The wine still tastes yummy.

The best friends are those you can catch up with 15 years later and feel like it was yesterday. Our time with our mate Anthony and Pip has been awesome. Well worth the trek.

I could totally get used to living by the ocean. Gorgeous!

I could totally not get used to driving on the left and driving at all in Austalia.

Stupid rain!

It is now the 26th of November here. Today we celebrate Anthony and Pip's wedding. Today we remember our first son on what would have been his 12th birthday. It is strange but nice to have the date share with events with such different meaning and emotion. I am blessed to have both and pleased to have new memories for the date.

Alas, I am not able to complete NaBloPoMo posts daily as I'd hoped. This travelling thing is throwing me off. Well, as the locals say, No worries, mate! I look forward to catching up when I can.


  1. Ah, screw NaBloPomo - you're in fucking Australia! Happy day - hope the joy mitigates the grief somewhat.

  2. Eh--not to worry about NaBloPoMo. Enjoy your trip--that's what matters. So glad you're having a great time. Life is strange how over time the good and bad memories mingle together.