Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

Given my inability to put two cohesive thoughts together tonight, I'm thinking Random Though Thursdays may be my new thing.  Here's stuff that crossed my distracted mind today.
  • Why, why, WHY do I always seem to volunteer for field trips on cold drizzly days with loud boys whacking each other and why did my son insist on us sitting at the very back of the bus?  Seriously!
  • My daughter loves to argue with me about math facts.  Does she really think that the more she uses her tone, the math will be more right?  Good luck baby!
  • Chocolate really does cure a lot of woes.  Especially chocolate consumed after being on a bus of 10 year olds, post field trip in the rain. 
  • I need more time with grown ups.
  • I NEED to go to the craft show thingy tomorrow, without children and with a big wad of cash.  Who cares if there is nothing I really need to buy, I will pretend I am Christmas shopping... and it will be something to blog about later.
  • Why do I think putting words in italics will really make these random thoughts make more sense?
  • Should it be italics or italic?  I don't really know. Nor do I care.  Am I worried someone will be grading this thing?
  • I'm tired and really should be going to bed. 
There.  Riveting.  Do take pity on me, come back and visit again.  Please?! I promise to put more brain into the next NaBloPoMo post.  Day 3, over and out.

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