Saturday, July 31, 2010

Next generation of great chefs

I would take a photo, but I hate to interrupt the moment and it might break the spell. Right now, as I lazily surf through the blogosphere, DH (dear husband) and DD (dear daughter) are being chefs in the kitchen.

The voices and smells coming from that room are amazing. Laura is being the incredibly proud sous-chef to Steve. There has been no fingers chopped nor burned arms. I hear a whole lot of joy going on. It is a long weekend and Steve loves to relax by being his own next food network star. Tonight's theme is Indonesian cuisine - mango salad, nasi goreng, satays and other delicious stuff. Laura proudly came up and has said such things as "I tried a green onion and I really, really loved it!" and "It's OK, I can handle it a little bit spicy - just pour me a big drink!"

I'm smitten. I do believe I'll keep this family.

PS - Also in the best mood as I got free tickets to Black Eyed Peas for tomorrow!

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  1. sounds like the perfect moment. nasi goreng? i've got to make that. it's been forever. how'd you snag the peas tickets? i bet the show was awesome!