Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knowing me, knowing you – July 2010


Time for the little random bits about me for the month.  Questions are courtesy of Shannon at Tales from the Fairy Blogmother.  Please join in if you like and go to Shannon’s page to see the Mr. Linky thing if you want to see others.  Cheers!

1. Do you like to garage sale?
Used to.  Don’t do it much now so that the amount of crap stuff around here gets smaller instead of bigger.  It was a great way to get things for the kids in the early years and you can find some great bargains. 

2. What do or would you garage sale for?

Largely kids things – clothes and toys.  I got a great double jogging stroller (as if I would actually be jogging – bahahaha! – but it did look cool and was great for the few months that I could use it with my gigantic older boy.  Got a great stash of girls clothes from the fashionista down the street here this year.  Score!

3. Cloth or paper napkins?

Cloth most of the time.  I like ‘m and they deal with the mega-messes we seem to generate very well.  Paper for parties though for simplicity and to keep with a theme.  One day I hope to invest in about 20 of the same plain cloth ones and I could use them for company.  If only I could sew.

4. Ever re-gift?

No, not really.  I do pass on things to others if I think they could use them or give the thing a try, whether it is a favourite or not.  I‘m very easy going about these things.  Or maybe I just don‘t get many gifts.  Hmmm.

5. Are you watching Big Brother or Last Comic Standing?

Alas, no.  I love stand up comedy but my hubby doesn‘t watch it.  I‘ll probably follow a bit when he is away.  I‘ve watched BB from time to time but not into it this year.  Now ask me again when Amazing Race starts again.  I‘m hooked on that one.

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  1. No no, it's just that your friends give you gifts that are so PERFECT for you that you wouldn't dream of regifting them, because that's the kind of friend you attract.... enough sucking up? I can go on...