Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not Exactly MOTY

Mother Of The Year I am not today. It seems I am doing my best to turn my kids into these.

Of course, what more can you expect from a slightly sleep deprived mama, woken at 5:30 with children who think they are roosters and a cat who seems to be on some kind of kitty-speed. Ugh! I am still recovering from camping in Algonquin with the crew - a whole other story.

This is how the day has gone. Stumble down for coffee, (for me and DH, not cat or progeny) and make children watch TV. Children wander away from TV and start demanding sustenance. No caffeine in mother yet so she gives them a piece of fruit not yet attacked by fruit flies and plunks them down in front of the TV yet again. Stare blankly at cupboard for a healthy and kid-appealing breakfast to magically appear with no effort. Settle for PB and H on toast - the daily staple around here. Turn sleep-walking husband in the direction of his car and stare at dishes, hoping they will magically do themselves. (Note to self - add magic wand to shopping list.)

The kids have logged a good 6 hours of screen time today between TV and computer games. Little of it has any educational value. On the plus side, this has helped keep my sanity somewhat intact and allowed me to function somewhat civilly. We did manage to step away a bit for our weekly trip to the library. If they served coffee there I would never leave. Also grabbed a few rations at our beloved Farmboy to feed the hungry beasts. The kids have snacked all day with barely a real meal. I have little to show for my day.

Tomorrow will be better, I hope. Being a SAHM is challenging at times. I crave some adult conversation and more me-time. I would like to drop the guilt of not doing enough to make my kids have a perfect, educational and delightful childhood all the time. I know there are usually better days but this ain't one of them. Meanwhile, it is time to get the kids hooked on game shows. "I'll take a 'T' please Pat!" They're somewhat educational, right?


  1. I should have called you. They could have come and watched TV with Angus. While Eve was out seeing the incredibly educational Despicable Me with Matt. And I went to Loblaws instead of Farm Boy, and every goddamned box of processed whatever was on sale, so at least console yourself with the knowledge that your grocery cart was looking waaay more virtuous than mine. I call do-over for the day.

  2. I ADORE this post. This represents at least 25% of my days at home. You have captured it perfectly...some days (well, more than just "some") I have to declare it a Survival Mode day and it's whatever we need to do to get through. GAH.

    Next time I have a really crap day I am going to reread this post and feel like I'm not alone :).

  3. thanks pam! knowing that other moms are using the tv to keep the family sane (read: me!) makes me feel just a little less guilty. i won't admit to the amount of tv hours because you all might abandone me.

    question: what's the H in PB and H?

  4. Add me to the moms who can totally identify with all this.

  5. Thanks for the support! Today is better but you never know - could go downhill fast. Last night's walk with Bibliomama helped knock me out of my funk... and Nanaimo Bar frozen yogurt thanks ot Flamethrowa's suggestion. (Now where would I be without the blogosphere?!)

    The 'H' is honey. Little guy does not start his day without the exact same thing - Peanut butter and creamed honey (not liquid - heaven forbid!).