Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Deer!

That's my first thought after seeing my lovely new passport photo. Just add a couple of
antlers and you've got it. Would you let this doe into your country? Hmmm.

On the plus side... updating my passport means that I will be travelling. Woo hoo! We are theoretically going to Scotland ... sometime... in the future... if we can figure out dates, flights, hotels, kid care, etc. DH is going for work and I get to come along and carry his luggage. Yay me! Slainte!


  1. Uhm ya. As a friend who loves you dearly . . . That pic does not do you justice at all!!! Go get another one done if it's not too late!

  2. you should see my drivers license. it's so terrible you can marely recognize me. and my passport is hysterical. i was so exhausted from working 25 days straight that i had to do the whole, blink then open your eyes when the photographer syas so. and i was allowed to smile at the time, so i look maniacle! but yeah that you are going to sctoland! too cool.

  3. I'm with Julie, my drivers license photo is pretty darn scary. I barely stepped into the photo booth thingy and they were snapping away and it's not like you can delete and get another chance! It actually looks more like a mug shot!