Thursday, July 8, 2010


BOLO was awesome. Turtlehead is awesome for organizing it. I am in an awesome mood as I have finished painting the living room and it looks .... awesome. Me and my silly happy mood, but back to the point.

I expected to put some faces to the bloggers whom I have read, get a greater sense of who they are and where the come from. I expected to laugh a little with the room as we heard favourite posts being expressed. I even had hoped to learn a thing or two from veterans and make some new acquaintances in the process. What I failed to prepare for was the great inspiration that comes from an event like BOLO.

Somehow it becomes less about the scattered people there and more about the possibilities. These writers brought their diverse blog worlds to life with their readings. Some belly-aching funny, some new and informative, some enlightened and some poignant with their reflections on their lives. I loved it all. And it makes me want to read more, do more and be more. I want to write and experience more of life.

So thank you to all who contributed to the event and all who write blogs that are real. It matters. They are read, respected and reflected on with great appreciation. The diversity makes it colourful and I love it. Happy blogging and I look forward to any event I can get my hands on in the future.


  1. It was fabulous wasn't it?
    So I sort of met you, but not really, because it was right when I first got there and still feeling shy. I hope to see you at more events soon (I can't wait a whole year for something else! :)

  2. Yeah, and you manned that welcome table like a pro. It was fabulous. I'm not sure I'm feeling the inspiration everyone else seems to be, though. I'm just in a happy boozy overheated summer glow. I'll be inspired when it cools off.