Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Pink Camera


Laura turned 7 and got a great little pink camera for her birthday from us.  She loves it to the moon and back. Here are a few pics she took on her first day.  We went for a 1000 Island cruise yesterday.  It was a lovely, windy day on the boat.  I had just as much fun watching the family photographers as the scenery. 


Laura and her grandfather did their best to out-click each other.  Fun to see the kid perspective.  


Laura - July 17 10 032Laura - July 17 10 036Laura - July 17 10 019

Laura - July 17 10 013Laura - July 17 10 015Laura - July 17 10 046


  1. Clearly she has a heretofor-unsuspected genius-level talent.

  2. yeah what allison said (i can't even pronounce that!).

    i love picture up my camera to find a bunch of pictures that the jellybean took.