Monday, July 5, 2010

I am a master of time-wastage

Am I ever glad I never started smoking, nor gambling, nor any other addictive habit more harmful than the destruction of my time. I would never be able to break out of it.

Here I sit, on a lovely sunny day, hanging out on my computer for way too much time on Facebook. Is this unusual for me? No, of course not! Why I have animals to feed and crops to attend to on Farmville, things to dig for on Treasure Isle and jewels to match in Bejeweled. This is ridiculous. What do I get out of all this? Sweet nothing except a few happy little beeps and smiling avatars. Yet I keep coming back to it, a slave to my routine.

Facebook does have its place. I love how I have connected with some people I knew in days of ole. Just last week I started communication with a friend I first met when I was 5. It makes the world a little smaller and it is great to connect with old friends and create new ones with current interests. Yet somewhere along the way, FB took over me.

So, the social experiment of the month will be a cold turkey withdrawal from all FB games, all computer games for 30 days. (Blogging and blog-surfing doesn't count. That is very important business!) You think it will work? What will I do with all the spare time I free up? Read? Work in the garden? Spend time with the kids? Perhaps by the end of fit all I will find more useful things to do with my time in the real world and kick the addiction. We shall see.


  1. Silly woman -- you picked the hottest seven days on record to start your game-fast? What the hell else are you going to do? I tried to garden today and I almost DIED. Hide inside and feed fake animals and find fake jewels, I say. Or read. Yeah. Reading's good.

  2. i quite farmville cold turkey about a month ago. every time i get a gift from a friend who hasn't clued in that i have stopped i'm almost tempted to go back. i could "unwither" my crops. i could start up again. i could rearrange my land and make it prettier. then i remind myself that i had to take time every day to remember to farm or i would loose my crop and hence all that "money." the freedom feels good. though i have to say i am twittering a lot more than i used to now. we need to get the laptop out of the living room!