Saturday, April 24, 2010

We are not amused

Well, dearest husband.... (Or perhaps "dearest" should be in quotes at the moment since I am not feeling entirely enamoured with him)... said a few days ago that he had something he wanted to talk to me about but knew it would make me mad. What conversation has ever gone well after that?!

Anyway, he was concerned that I was drinking too much. ***Deeeeep cleansing breath*** Really??? Where did that come from? Maybe it was the single wine glass in the dishwasher that I used to have ONE glass of vino on a few of the many nights he was out. He said something about a time ages ago when I was concerned that my parents were drinking too frequently and it may have interfered with their health. Right. Well that was before I had children of my own and understood how A glass of wine/beer/double-shot of tequila might make a long days journey into night more pleasant. I am way off my high horse now.

So then DH pours himself a nice glass of white before making dinner tonight and then as an afterthought pours me one as well. I am busy doing the 100 things I do on a typical witching hour before dinner. Then I notice he has opened himself a beer. (I didn't). Then he opens another bottle of wine for dinner. Hmmmmm. Methinks he doth protest too much. ***quietly fuming***

Alas, my anger doesn't seethe long. He make some killer scallops for dinner tonight and bought cheesecake for dessert. All is well again. I am easily soothed.


  1. Yes, well when we have had that conversation in the past, that one glass turns into two or three for a few days just to keep him quiet ;)

  2. REALLY? This surprises me. I guess I respect him for speaking up even though he knew it would make you mad. I can honestly say I've never worried about your drinking. Or at least there would be a good fourteen or fifteen other things that I would worry about first (I'm here for you babe!)

  3. I have also noticed a mysterious tendency to be criticized for something that my husband wishes *he* were doing differently. SO. ANNOYING.

  4. All I can think of is YOU were mad?? I've just never seen you mad. Not that I put you on a pedestal but, well, maybe I had (it's all good - you are still up there, in my books).

    As for the drinking - I'm thinking I should probably have a glass a day. I had one last night with dinner and amazingly the world seemed a whole lot brighter once it was done.

    As for your DH, I'm thinking he has rethought his comment by now.

  5. Great story! Wish I could join you for that glass of wine!