Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunshine kid

My kids make me laugh about 100 times a day. Most of the time it is laughing with them rather than at them. Sometimes I do things to make them laugh, just so that I can get a laugh myself. The things I do for amusement. Anyway...

Right now I am smiling at how excited my son was this morning.

O: Mom, that was great.

Me: Really?

O: No wait, better than great. It was excellent.

Me: (absently) Oh, good.

O: No, actually it was better than excellent. It was awesome!

Me: (nothing actually - he was too busy bouncing to slip in any comment.)

O: No wait! It was SPECTACULAR!

We were talking about waffles.

Now how can a cold and blustery morning be any competition to the sunshine that boy emits?


  1. Hi. Just wanted to leave you a note and let you know I read your comment on my blog. Thanks for reaching out. I'm walking through some dark days, and I appreciate your support and understanding. There is more light and hope, and it's still hard. Just today I was really wishing I could fast-forward a year ahead. Somehow I know I'll get there, I just wish I didn't have to wait so long!

  2. How sweet of him to be so happy and excited about Waffles. Wish I could get that excited over breakfast ;)

  3. Hey Pam, stop by my blog, I gave you an award to play along with.