Friday, April 16, 2010

To Zhu or not to Zhu?

Our sheltered lives are being invaded by commercialism yet again. Now I know that I am completely immune to all the possible commercial gadgets out there (except when they are really necessary... like an iPod nano or some scrapbooking tools ... but I digress). It is now taempting our daughter.

Laura is surrounded by Zhu Zhu pets at school. Anyone who is anyone in grade 1 has one of these critters. Admittedly they are cute and furry and make very little mess. However they are a) becoming a status thing and a big part of recess culture and b) the tip of the iceberg as there are all sorts of add-ons to go with the little furry hamsters and c) unavailable within a 20 km radius of here. *sigh*

What am I to do? Is this one of those things I should say no to and point out all the stuff in her room? She's shy at the best of times so maybe these will help her have something to say and do with some friends? Do I get her to chip in her allowance for one? Do I get her a real hamster and make her take that to school instead. Ummm... scratch that.

There really is only one answer. My SuperMom title is on the line here. I must go online shopping. And while I'm at it, I think I need to get a Magic Bullet.... and how about a few books too.... and I can fill up the order with other things so I don't have to pay shipping.....


  1. Great minds think alike - my boys are bugging me to get one to send to her because of course she's a girl and wouldn't want lego or playmobile. lol
    Let me know what you decide to do and we will send accordingly :-)

  2. I hadn't planned to get any for our kids, but then fate intervened. Hana got a Zhu Zhu playhouse thingy from one of her friends for her birthday. Of course, the thing didn't actually come with any Zhu Zhus. So...Hana ended up spending the Toys R Us giftward she got from her aunt to buy a couple.

    Truth be told, the critters are kind of neat and I do like how Hana and Jamie will play together with the Zhu Zhus and the playhouse, giggling madly, without needing grown-up to play with them, for quite some time.

  3. The consumerism of it all scares me!I know this will start once she is in school. I am so glad we haven't had to deal with it yet, only because we don't have cable (thus no ads) and we never go shopping. :-)

  4. I hear ya Pam. None in our house...yet!! Mia has mentioned wanting one. When she starts hounding me every day, every hour, every minute, then I'll probably break down and buy her one!! Ha, ha.


  5. Zhu Zhus?? Never even HEARD of them! The joy of having boys... who eat, sleep and breath Lego. I like your option of having her chip in. Or tell her that she needs to earn the money to buy something like that, just like adults have to work to earn money for the things we want, then figure out a job for her... wash the car, help rake the lawn, etc.

  6. They invaded our house this weekend. Not sure how I feel about them, but honestly I didn't make the purchase they used their own money...ack! Must stop giving them money!