Friday, April 2, 2010

Lessons from March 2010

Strocel has a great tradition of reflecting on the past month and gaining some insight into her life from it all.  I think this is great.  I’m going to adopt it too and become brilliant in no time.  Do feel free to add your own March observations so I can learn from you too, or at least crack a smile.  So here’s what I learned in March 2010.

1. To be more proactive instead of reactive to things.  In March, we started some new diet changes to benefit our health.  I’d rather not get sick in the first place than empty the drugstore looking for remedies to stomach aches and flu. 

2. Keeping a step ahead of the laundry monster and layering up the bed is a great plan.  Especially when stomach bugs always visit in the night and I am too bleary eyed to riffle through my linen closet looking for sheets.  Laundry does not age well.  If you run a load while bleary eyed, you just end up thinking it was all a bad dream rather than a terrible hangover.

3. My husband is more than a couch ornament around here.  When he was away for a couple of weeks, tons of things did not get done.  He doesn’t complain, just quietly sets order back into the joint when he returns.  One of the million things I love about him.  (Note to self: take husband off E-Bay and keep him for a while.)

4.  I learned how much I appreciate an early spring.  Sure I’m still waiting for Mother Nature’s other shoe to drop but I am loving every day of this warm blessing, wearing shorts and sipping a Corona.  Ahhhh…

5.  Blogging is good for the soul.  I am new at this and already feel like writing about the big and small stuff is waking up parts of my brain that have been dormant for way too long.

Not too bad a month, I must say.  I am looking forward to the new discoveries for April. 

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  1. Ahh you may be new at the blogging thing, but you certainly have jumped in feet first. I agree that although Hubby may look like a couch ornament, he does actually help out most days and we miss him when he isn't here. And a Corona sounds great right about now.