Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I had a nightmare last night.   I woke up feeling dreadfully sad and angry and it took me a while to recognize why I felt so off.  I needed the reassuring cuddle of my spouse, feeling like a child needing comfort.  I am still bugged by the nasty dream, though I am a  grown-up and know what’s real and what my sub-conscious has conjured up.  Yet I feel like I should have some kind of control of my dream state. 

Dreamland has been a very pleasant place for me lately.  I rarely have nightmares, thankfully.  I sleep well and and when I recall my dreams, they tend to amuse me.  I look forward to drifting off and finding my alter-ego in one adventure or another.  Seeing the silly mixed up world I create in my sleep can even make me laugh out loud under the warmth of my comforter.  Sometimes it seems I have the pleasure of continuing on my dream-ventures to other chapters, much like I am creating a book or programme.  No cable fees for these episodes.

I am amazed at how much emotion comes out of this land of night visions.  How can it have the power to set my mood for hours to come?  Do they really have meaning or a purpose in helping us sort out our conscious lives?  If so, what the heck I am supposed to take from recurring dreams about being in school and taking tests? 

Regardless, I know I have a great life here in my real world.  Now if I could only tap into some winning lottery numbers in my sleeping hours.   Dream on.


  1. If my dreams have meaning, I'm in more trouble than I thought!

    I have nightmares all the time -- usually they're scary when I'm dreaming them, but I shake them off as soon as I wake up. Sometimes they linger, and it's an icky feeling. Mostly I have wacky twisted dreams that my husband says sound like a Batman movie.

  2. I hate those lingering dreams, the ones that affect you after you wake up. I had a weekend full of strange dreams and terrible sleeps, here's hoping it was just the weekend.